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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Road Visibility Techniques

Did you know that one of the safest technique in driving is the ability to become visible to other motorists. I'll make it fast and give you tips to learn the 3 Road visibility techniques.
  1. Beep on timing. Use your horn and beep on timing. You can do this by beeping on a Blind-spot position while your taking an overtake, beep on timing if you see people crossing running or walking along the road to be able to send them an alert message that your coming.
  2. Use your headlight. During night, use the headlight to send signals when you are going to pass to intersection, or if you see people who's just going to pass and cross the road, just send them a quick turn on and turn off of your headlight for them to know that your coming.
  3. Flashing break light frequently when needed. This can be used during day and night, but its effectivity is best during night driving. Flashing the break light sends signal to other motorists at your back sending the message that you may stop at anytime.
In my experience, road visibility is one of the most important thing to learn in driving, who else cares while your driving silently? I always do this during night driving and if you've read this post and want to find me to check if how am i doing this technique. My route is from Binan Highway to Calamba City (for Philippine Readers Only). If you wanna meet me. Email me and lets meet. I'd be happy to teach you some city driving techniques.

Try to learn this technique so that all of us will become safe riders, maybe you can recommend this to your colleagues.


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