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Sunday, July 26, 2015

5 Driving Tips to Keep you Safe

You know how to drive right? Yes? But, do you know how to be safe? No? Read on and know how to be safe on the road. There are more obstacles on the road than you know and there are lots of tips on how to be safe while driving. Here are the 5 basic tips i know.
  1. Be always visible.
  2. Use common sense and presence of mind.
  3. Keep a safe distance to other motorists.
  4. Respect other drivers.
  5. Always be mindful of the road conditions.
In my experience, i always do this: my best position while i'm at the back of a jeep, truck, bus or any car is on the left where i can easily be seen at the side mirror of the driver keeping in mind the safest distance of 3-5 meters and being mindful of the road conditions.

The tips you've read here is now all yours and add it to your collection of tips How about adding your own tips for other readers. It will be a very big help.


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