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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Accessory Tips - Why you should never wear gloves.

Why are gloves so important?

..If you drop or fall off a slow moving bike your body will instinctivly put out a hand or hands to protect the head and vital body parts. Always, without question. It's a completly reflex action. If you come off a bike at high speed the body will attempt to put a hand down, but because of the speed it may or may not be successful. If you are not wearing even short, rodeo style gloves, in a slow speed accident, chances are your palms will be lacerated, as will your fingertips and fingers. Read more

Did the post above makes sense? It says if you drop or fall... Well, are you going to ride a motorcycle and just expect an accident and fall off your bike? Accidents can be prevented but falling from it is carelessness.

In my opinion, I'm not comfortable with gloves while riding my bike. Not having any gloves suits me even if my hands already has a corn feet or "kalyo" (in tagalog) due to my daily riding routine. Riding for an hour from my house in Calamba City going to work in Binan, Laguna with 45 kilometers back & forth without gloves makes my hand grip tight to the handle and making it easy to turn the throttle on timing.

I'm not totally saying that you should never wear your gloves, if it is comfortable for you then you should wear it, but for me i feel that it will just make my hand loose.


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