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Friday, April 7, 2017

Mastering Blind Spots

Have you ever experienced that very moment when there someone cuts you while riding a motorcycle? Watch this video for you to be able to relate in to it. If not, learn from this video. Enjoy watching!

One of the most dangerous situations that a motorcyclist can find him/herself in is in a lane that is about to be taken over by any vehicle or a human. Many riders spend a lot of time in a vehicle’s blind spot not realizing the dangers that they will encounter in other situations that will be shown in videos in a short while. In order to see this area, a driver must check what is in their blind spot. Unfortunately a lot of drivers out there don't bother to check their blind spots before making a turn or lane change and this might cause accidents. And as a motorcycle rider its your responsibility to check everything whether in-front or behind you. I compiled some videos as an examples of where a blind spot may be encountered.


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